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About Bleeps It

We both have had a passion for music that started at an early age. It began back in a time when the main source for listening to new music was through the radio and on MTV. Even though there was still music that had bad language in it, it was seldom heard through these sources because edited versions were used because of the strict regulations. So unless you were seeking out the explicit music, it was easy to listen to only clean music.

Fast-forward to today where the main source that people discover and listen to music is through streaming. This way of listening to music has so many benefits, but the downside to us and many other people, is that there’s so much explicit stuff intertwined with the clean stuff. Sure, there are edited versions of explicit songs and even filters that supposedly remove songs from a playlist that are tagged as explicit, but they don’t always work correctly. And many songs aren’t necessarily tagged as explicit even though they still contain several inappropriate words. We are not ok with this. We feel strongly that the words we hear become our thoughts and our thoughts become our actions. So we believe that impure thoughts that are created by listening to inappropriate music can lead to inappropriate thoughts and actions.

We also strongly believe in freedom of speech. An artist should be able to say whatever they want in their music. We also feel that as listeners we should have the choice and ability to listen to whatever music we want without having to hear the bad language that is in so much of the popular music. We searched for ways to do this and didn’t find a viable option. And in our research we discovered that we were definitely not alone in our desire to find something like this. So we decided to create this unavailable, sought-after option ourselves and Bleeps It was born.

About Us

Matt and I have been married for 20 years. We met at a pizza place and we currently own a pizza place in beautiful Garden City, Utah, where we live. Pizza is in our blood and a huge part of our story. But more than pizza, we have a huge passion for music. This has been passed down to our four kids, who thoroughly enjoy music in many different forms. Playing it, listening to it, performing it…our family’s world very much revolves around music. It also revolves around our spiritual beliefs and our faith in Jesus Christ. We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We strive to share our testimonies of our faith through our words and actions everywhere we go.

Our oldest, September, is 19 years old and is currently serving a mission for our church in West Virginia. She is loved everywhere she goes. She dabbles on the piano, has a beautiful and unique voice, and enjoyed being in multiple musicals in high school, many times as the lead. She would like to finish working on her degree to become an elementary teacher when she returns from her mission.

Kya is our witty and hilarious red-head. She is 17 and is currently a senior in high school and is working on graduating concurrently with her Associates Degree. She too dabbles on the piano, has a beautiful voice and has enjoyed being in multiple musicals in high school. She is currently working on her role as Ariel in The Little Mermaid at her high school, which has been a lifelong dream for her. She would love to do something with drama or theater someday as a career. She is also a captain on her drill team and enjoys dancing.

Logan is our one and only boy, for better or worse. He is 14 years old and would play basketball 24-7 if we let him, with a few minutes here and there to eat. He could probably eat pizza for every meal so thank goodness we own a pizza place. He also enjoys playing video games when the weather or time doesn’t allow him to play basketball. During these activities he can pretty much always be found with headphones on listening to music. He has a great voice and has recently found an interest in theater. Even though he’s only a freshman and the baby of the entire high school, he is currently working on his role as King Triton in Little Mermaid. He’s excited to get to reprimand his sister.

Peyton is the baby of the family. She is 12 years old and in 7th grade. She definitely knows what she wants and will find any way to get it. We love this trait most of the time. She also loves music. When she was 2 years old a piano tuner told us that she had perfect pitch. She continues to amaze us with her voice, especially hearing it come out of her tiny 4’8” frame. She can be heard singing pretty much everywhere she goes and yet when it comes to actually performing she gets anxiety and struggles with wanting to do it. She also loves gymnastics and is freakishly flexible.